Secondary Staff


We got a very dedicated and diligent staff. One that is very passionate about the students and works with a clear vision of the goals set. Our staff is beaming with energy, enthusiasm, creativity, and innovation.

Besides our teachers are professionally trained and socially acquainted with their duties. They are motivated to see their hands turn average students into higher achievers each year. Their experience over the years has invigorated their performances and each year they receive good results as a token of appreciation for their hard work.

We have a very balanced staff in terms of age, experience, origin, gender, education levels, and religious beliefs. Our ages range from 25-50 years. Teachers come from different tribes and religions/denominations. Teachers also are from different universities and colleges and have diverse levels of experience in different aspects.

We are proud of our diversities that ensure our students do acquire a variety of experiences, tastes, skills, knowledge, and values that impact their lives positively. The choices are a source of the richness of the quality of education that we offer at our school.