Alumni Program


Our school has been in service since 1989. Our first crop of graduates was in 1999. Since then, we have produced many great people who are currently serving our nation in different capacities.

The alumni base is large and evident enough to prove the value of our institution and its contribution to society in the provision of quality education. We have produced quality scholars who have gone ahead to graduate in different professions ranging from engineering, medicine, accounting, education, public administration, arts, and celebrity to mention a few.

Some of our notable public figures include;

  • Sylvia Sebastian (Miss Tanzania 2019-2020)
  • Mr. Bill Brown – East African Youth Chairperson
  • Mary Mlekwa – District Executive Officer (Ilemela)
  • ……. (Gospel Artist)
  • G
  • H

All these alumni prove the quality of education we provide. We are not only focused on academic excellence but also the quality of the individuals for self-sustenance. Our alumni are knowledgeable; skilled, active, engaging, thoughtful, creative, and innovative. They are excellent in communication, discussion, and solving problems. The alumni now have a union that helps to guide the continuing students, especially in career choice. They advise the school on the directions and practices that the school should adopt to continue providing quality education.