About Us


Green View Education Alliance Ltd is an Education institution based in Mwanza – Tanzania that deals with the provision of quality, reliable and affordable education to the young generation. The education offered is geared towards armoring the learners with the correct knowledge, information, skills, real-life experience, and fundamental competence that will prepare them for ease of practical functioning in any society in the world.

GVEA runs three schools renowned as GREEN VIEW SCHOOLS. The schools abide by the Tanzanian Institute of Education Curriculum but sets out a unique implementation of the courses offered to package the learners with the confidence, creativity, discipline, research nous, a positive attitude towards education and life, a spirit of teamwork, and the fear of God.

The company has three main education levels also known as schools:

  1. Green view Kindergarten is located at Isamilo in Mwanza town. It admits children from two to five years old. It only provides Day School services (Day school)
  2. Green View Primary School is located at Kiseke in Mwanza. It consists of Pre-Primary classes and Primary school from Class One to Seven. (Day & Boarding)
  3. Green View Secondary School is located at Kiseke in Mwanza. It consists of Pre-Secondary classes and Secondary school from Form One to Four. (Day & Boarding)

GREEN VIEW SCHOOLS admits both boys and girls at all levels. Our learners come from all walks of life because we embrace diversity. We are zero-tolerant of any form of discrimination. We, therefore, enroll children from all religions, tribes, nationalities, and financial abilities. We then inculcate in them a spirit of unity and tolerance despite our differences. This has over time earned us a business tag ‘A School with a Difference’.


  • We offer you the best childcare

We got enough experience and have very experienced and caring staff.

  • Highly knowledgeable students with current exposure

Our teaching methodologies discourage cramming and spoon-feeding. We encourage research and practical understanding. We have enough facilities and materials in our libraries and laboratories.

  • Highly disciplined students

We insist a lot on discipline as the background of a successful future for mankind. We don’t tolerate any undesirable traits.

  • Confident English speakers

Our learners are very good at the Queen’s language. English is the main language used in most communication.

  • Talent nurturing

We believe each child was born with a special gift and we have to bring it out to practice. We identify and nurture the talents of all our learners in sports and extra-curriculum activities.

  • Study tours & Picnics

We annually take our students to various places within and outside the country to have firsthand experience and information that shapes their career choices.

  • Serene Environment

Our school is located outside the town; away from the noise and air pollution. Our school compound is full of natural trees and decorated with beautiful flowers to give a greener scenery, fresh air, and a quiet learning environment.

  • Best Transport & Boarding services

We offer transport within the vicinities of Mwanza town and boarding services for students that come from far.