Secondary Academic Perfomance


The school abides by the Tanzanian Institute of Education (TIE) Curriculum but sets out a unique implementation of the courses offered to package the learners with the confidence, creativity, discipline, research nous, a positive attitude towards education, and life, a spirit of teamwork, and the fear of God.

Our main goal is to transform the little boys and girls into useful and successful men and women who shall impact our society positively. We are not only focused on exam performance but also individual ability and skill acquisition. That’s why we discourage cramming and exam cheating. Our system demands that we get the most out of each student while focusing on their uniqueness.

Our school teaches several subjects as follows

  1. Languages
    1. English
    1. Kiswahili
    1. Literature
  2. Sciences
    • Basic Mathematics
    • Physics
    • Chemistry
    • Biology
  3. Arts
    1. Geography
    1. History
    1. Civics
  4. Business subjects
    1. Book Keeping
    1. Commerce

Our performance has been generally impressive over the years. There has been a remarkable improvement since 2010. Our academic target is to produce Division I and II only.

The following tables sum up our performance over the past three years

Here is the Form four results quick analysis since 2017