Primary Graduations


Graduation ceremonies are one of the grand events we hold annually. They have a special touch of elegance and attract several people. Our graduations are well planned, organized, and run professionally to give our graduates a feeling of great achievement. They go a notch higher to lay a good message of just how important it is to pursue education and achieve one’s goals.

Guests of honor are uniquely picked to make our events lucrative, impact the lives of the graduates and encourage the parents to continue providing quality education for their children.

Graduates can wear special graduation attire and properly groom for the event.

Pupils perform several entertaining and educative articles to add flavor to the events. Talented pupils get a platform to showcase their unique abilities.

The administration gets the opportunity to recognize and award exemplary pupils as the parents bring along various gifts for their children and staff. Graduations are generally merry at our school.

We have had a total of 23 graduations in Primary school.