School Culture


Our institution boasts of a robust and all-inclusive culture; one that earns us special uniqueness. We are commonly referred to as “A school with a Difference.” Our difference is in the manner in which we turn ordinary learners and staff into responsible, ambitious, and high-performing people within a short time. We believe that each person is special in their way as long as they are given time and a conducive environment.

Our school culture is deeply rooted in our core values and beliefs as follows;

Core Values & Beliefs

We believe that;

  • Discipline is the backbone of all healthy human social ties and interactions.
  • Hard work and determination are the most accurate formula to success.
  • The Fear of God is the source of all knowledge and wisdom.
  • The best man is built on a strong foundation of honesty and Integrity.
  • Self-reliance and Sustenance breaches laziness and over-dependence.
  • Teamwork makes any task lighter.
  • Diligence, is thekey to achieving noble visions.

We encourage;

  • High level of individual and group discipline
  • A spirit of determination, self-belief, and hard work
  • A culture of always putting God first in everything
  • The nourishing of students’ talents and uniqueness
  • Students to do class assignments and exams on their own
  • Teamwork in group work and in sports and games
  • Creativity and innovative ideas

We are totally against;

  • Any form of discrimination be it in religion, origin, academic ability, financial status, health, or politics.
  • Cheating in exams
  • Religious extremism