This program is meant for toddlers before they can begin their primary school education. It is more of a homely care course that orients the young children to school life. We offer a specially tailored course to help them transform into primary pupils.

The program normally runs for three years for babies aged between 2 and 5 years.

The first year is known as the Baby class. It’s meant for babies between 2 to 3 years who are fresh from home. They then join Prep I and Prep II which is the highest level in Pre School.

The little kids are well taken care of while at school. They have special caretakers who help them out with washroom use and general hygiene. They have a special routine that alternates between class and social duties. They learn how to take care of themselves, their properties, and the environment. They also watch educative TV programs, participate in games, and other psychomotor skills

In the curriculum, they learn interaction, socialization, speaking, listening, counting, and playing different motor and cognitive games. Children in Prep I and II begin to be incorporated into various learning activities. They are taught Mathematical concepts, Communication skills, Artistic skills, Health care, Environmental care, Relation, and Reading. The learners are equipped with basic skills to help them adapt to primary school life.

These children are given special care and attention. They are given a rich environment to help them learn and understand themselves and the talents and gifts they have. Our teachers help them to build on their areas of interest.

We provide a customized food menu to help them enjoy school, grow well, and nourish their health.