Kindergarten School

GREEN VIEW KINDERGARTEN (ISAMILO) is located at Isamilo in Mwanza town. It admits children from two to five years old. It only provides Day School services (Day school)

It is one of the three schools run by GVEAL (Green View Education Alliance Ltd), an Education institution based in Mwanza – Tanzania that deals with the provision of quality, reliable and affordable education to the young generation. The education offered is geared towards armoring the learners with the correct knowledge, information, skills, real-life experience, and fundamental competence that will prepare them for ease of practical functioning in any society in the world.

The schools abide by the Tanzanian Institute of Education Curriculum but set out a unique implementation of the courses offered to package the learners with the confidence, creativity, discipline, research nous, a positive attitude towards education and life, a spirit of teamwork, and the fear of God.