Secondary Enrolment Policy


GREEN VIEW SECONDARY admits both boys and girls from Private and Government. We enroll students from all walks of life because we embrace diversity. We are zero-tolerant of any form of discrimination. We, therefore, enroll children from all religions, tribes, nationalities, and financial abilities.


Those wishing to join us must sit for an interview. If they are successful, they will be allowed to be registered. Interviews are conducted throughout the year except for Candidate classes. Those who want to join us in Form II and/or IV are supposed to attend our interviews in December to get a chance before the New Year. The interview is paid for.


Successful candidates shall be required to fill out the Admission form with the correct information. The information on the form shall be treated as confidential and used for official use only. The Admission form is charged.


All fees are paid before students are allowed in class. All fees are paid in the bank and parents are then required to submit the bank slip to get their receipt.


Upon successful registration, the new students will be required to hand in their Prem Numbers and contacts of the head of the school they come from. The transfer is free of charge.


To maintain uniformity and quality, all school uniforms are bought at school at a subsidized price. Parents are advised to check in the school store for the uniforms since any attire from outside will always be confiscated.


  1. All new students joining GREEN VIEW SECONDARY SCHOOL must sit for an interview.
  2. Parents are required to out fill the Admission forms and attach a passport photo and a copy of the Result Slip.
  3. Students joining from other schools are required to bring transfer letters or contacts from former schools.
  4. Parents should pay for an Interview 20,000, an Admission form 10,000, and Uniforms (Day: 137,000 & Boarding: 225,000) and then pay at least the first quarterly fees before their children officially start attending classes.
  5. Parents are expected to inform their children about our school rules and ask them to obey them. Both parent and student shall fill out a discipline commitment form to maintain the student’s discipline.
  6. Parents are allowed to familiarize themselves with all school activities, policies, services, and academic performance and the expectations of the school.