Staff Welfare


Our staff enjoys several rights and privileges provided in the Institution’s Code of Conduct. It is one of the highly motivated staff with several programs orchestrated to keep it focussed, motivated, refreshed, happier and friendly to the learners.

Our staff enjoys the following;

  1. Annual leave
  2. Holiday stipend
  3. Annual gratuity
  4. NSSF compliance
  5. Loans and grants
  6. Academic performance appraisals
  7. Fees complimentary for their children
  8. Transport, medical and house allowance
  9. Refresher courses and seminars
  10. Support during funerals
  11. Get-together ceremonies
  12. Staff uniforms

Anyone joining our staff must go through a rigorous recruitment procedure that picks the best among the candidates for each vacancy. The recruits are always surprised by the level of commitment, hard work, teamwork, loyalty, smartness, and the good relationship that exists within the staff.