Secondary Location & Environment


Green View Secondary campuses are located on the outskirts of the town. The campuses are found in Ilemela Municipal Council, Kiseke ward, Greenview Street. You can access the campuses through the Town-Airport road at Pasiansi junction heading to Kiseke. Alternatively, you can use Buswelu-Sabasaba road and branch to the left at PPF centre on your way to Pasiansi.

Our school is located outside the town; away from the noise and air pollution. The school environment is serene and naturally adorned with beautiful flowers and aged trees that peer above the green scenery. The few hills that are covered with shrubby vegetation intertwined among the rocks resonate a natural ensemble in the early morning when the first sun rays begin to touch the Green View hills. The singing birds provide a luxurious ambiance as the students trod to classes early in the morning.

The fresh air that emanates from the environment always seems to carry a medicinal and psychological cure that releases the academic tension built-in in class. When that freshness blends with the rigorous cognitive strains it gives our students relief and motivation to keep digging into their books.