Primary Culture and Policies


Our institution boasts of a robust and all-inclusive culture; one that earns us special uniqueness. Our school culture is deeply rooted in our core values and beliefs as follows;

Core Values & Beliefs

We believe that;

  • Discipline is the backbone of all healthy human social ties and interactions.
  • Hard work and determination are the most accurate formula to success.
  • The Fear of God is the source of all knowledge and wisdom.
  • The best man is built on a strong foundation of honesty and Integrity.
  • Self-reliance and Sustenance to breach laziness and over-dependence.
  • Teamwork makes any task lighter.
  • Diligence, is thekey to achieving noble visions.

We encourage;

  • High level of individual and group discipline
  • A spirit of determination, self-belief, and hard work
  • A culture of always putting God first in everything
  • The nourishing of pupils’ talents and uniqueness
  • Pupils to do class assignments and exams on their own
  • Teamwork in group work and sports and games
  • Creativity and innovative ideas

We are totally against;

  • Any form of discrimination be it in religion, origin, academic ability, financial status, health, or politics.
  • Cheating in exams
  • Religious extremism


  1. All pupils must speak in English all the time.
  2. All pupils must attend all lessons, Assemblies, Guiding & Counselling Forums, Co-Curricular Activities, Games & Sports unless they have serious medical conditions.
  3. All pupils must work very hard in class and other school activities to realize their dreams. Laziness is highly discouraged.
  4. All pupils must do and complete all class work, homework, assignments, exercises, and any other duties assigned to them at school. Copying from others is prohibited.
  5. All pupils must put on full school uniforms and be very smart and maintain body hygiene all the time. Clothes should be ironed, and keep short hair and nails. Girls are allowed to plait simple styles.
  6. All pupils must respect themselves, their peers, and the elderly by greeting and communicating politely all the time. Fighting, lies, and the use of abusive language are prohibited.
  7. All pupils must take care of their personal, school, and other people’s property. Theft and vandalism are highly prohibited.