Kindergarten Creative Works

One of the differences between Green View and other schools is the fact that we put a lot of emphasis on nurturing special talents and gifts. We believe all children are born special. They all have something unique to contribute to this world. The trouble is identifying and nurturing it.

We, therefore, encourage creativity and the desire to learn and try new things. This is however a long process but it is very successful. We use a variety of methods to achieve this from a very young age.

The learners are equipped with basic psychomotor skills to help them adapt to life. They are trained in;

  • Drawing
  • Coloring
  • Creating & forming shapes using sand, paper, and rope
  • Singing & dancing
  • Games & sports
  • Morning parade

These children are given special care and attention. They are given a rich environment to help them learn and understand themselves and the talents and gifts they have. Our teachers help them to build on their areas of interest.